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Developing minds 

Our programs target your child's crucial Primary learning years to build the foundation for future learning success and change the course of your child's journey.
Step up to success
with our Australian (QLD) curriculum based programs.

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Experienced and Highly Qualified 

Our teachers and tutors care and understand how to help your child.

We help students strengthen their foundations and improve their skills with

  • with innovative teaching techniques

  • highly qualified Queensland tertiary educated teachers and instructors

  • extensive experience with the Queensland curriculum.

Our lead teacher Kim is a QUT alumni and registered Queensland teacher. She has worked in various kindergartens, schools and coaching colleges. She has extensive experience with children of all ages and has developed her own accelerated programs for primary school in accordance with the Australian curriculum. She has also helped mentor and train other teachers and educators to impart her passion for teaching.

Beautician with Ponytail

Trusted and Innovative Teaching Methods

At Learning Ladder, we teach students to work smarter, not harder. Our proven methodologies and teaching techniques at Learning Ladder aim to boost confidence in all students, no matter their starting point. There are no tricks or shortcuts - just tried and true strategies developed with years of Queensland curriculum experience.

Raising Hands

Ignite Their Curiosity

At Learning Ladder, our dedicated and experienced educators provide students and parents with comprehensive techniques and help that lead to real results. We’re here to give you the best guidance and help your child to reach their best potential. 

We foster a love for learning by encouraging curiosity through engaging and interactive activities. We inspire children to ask questions and seek answers.

School Children

Language and Numeracy Enrichment

Language is a bridge to knowledge. Our programs enhance language skills, enriching vocabulary and communication skills, setting the stage for effective expression and comprehension.

Our programs also focus on establishing advanced numeracy skills. 


The Benefits of Learning Ladder programs

Curated from many years of early childhood and primary school education experience in Australia.

Give your child a step up to their early and primary education! Our Learning Ladder Programs enhance cognitive, social, and emotional development. Watch them thrive with boosted confidence, improved communication skills, and a love for learning that lasts a lifetime.

Smiling Woman

Sally W

I am truly impressed by the teaching and care my child has received from the teachers at Learning Ladder. The teachers have created a positive learning environment. My child has made so much progress and is always happy to go to class. 

woman 12

Anne W

My little one has just completed the school readiness program and I'm filled with immense gratitude for the incredible time they've had here. The environment provided by the teachers has not only fostered their academic growth but has also nurtured their social skills. I'm proud of the confident and eager learner my child has become. Thank you!

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